FERRARO GROUP  sums up in itself the pluriannual experiences of historical companies in the HVAC panorama such as LMF  in the air-handling sector and of INDUSTRIE FERRARO in the heating sector.

The activity of FERRARO GROUP is divided into in 5 business units:

  • Piping;
  • Turned Parts;
  • Tanks;
  • Sheet Metal;

Each division has its own individuality, driven by the common mission to provide customers with high quality products that meet the growing needs of international markets.


Although the recent creation of FERRARO GROUP S.P.A. It originates from the presence on the market for more than 30 years of Industrie Ferraro SpA, leader in the design, study and development of copper and stainless steel pipes in the heating applications, domestic and industrial activities carried out alongside the most important partners and brands specific sector, which Industrie Ferraro found a complete and reliable tool for what it is not simply a component, but an essential part of the finished product delivered to the end user.

This is accompanied the twentieth anniversary of LMF CLIMA experience, which over the years has enhanced its range of products to reach ever wider clientele without neglecting the specificity of the heat recovery equipment of high efficiency, in line with the most recent regulations for energy savings involving all EU countries. At these ranges aligns the production of plants for air treatment, made according to customer size and specification, using the highest quality components in collaboration with leading European producers (fans, motors, heat exchangers, filters) and realizing internally all the carpentry and paneling necessary for all its products.



Sheet Metal1980
Turned Parts1988
LMF Clima1996


A particular attention to the requirements of the Customer and a personalized service guarantee the utmost availability and the best pre-and after-sales support.

A production organization always at the highest levels, strongly oriented towards technology and innovation as concerning tools and industrial process; cutting-edge facilities and specialised personnel are the foundation on which FERRARO GROUP responds to the most specific needs of the markets of heating, air-conditioning, air-handling and professional components.

Quality and Service since 1980, professionalism at customers service.
Certified Quality Systems, qualified operators and constant controls guarantee consistency with the highest manufacturing standards. Investments into innovative quality control systems are one of the company’s founding engagements, which translate into an elevate certified rating by the main operators of the market.


The use of machine tools and specialized equipment with a low environmental impact, combined with the professionalism of the operators, ensures the highest quality to the final product manufactured and supplied to the customer.


An active partner (and not just a supplier) to share the choices of technologies to be used, materials, components and mechanical work necessary for the creation of the product according to customer needs.


The Office R & D applies a constant work of monitoring of suppliers and products available on the market, to carefully select those that best suit the needs of customers.


Ferraro Group assists the customer starting from the actions of pre-sale, with the accurate realization of samples and prototypes required, the control of production processes, packaging materials and the final shipment of components, even to the after-sales support.